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Eyelash Extension 101

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Wake up without makeup and feel fabulous about it! With lash extensions, the phrase “I woke up like this” could be your reality. Lash Extensions give you a full, voluptuous set of lashes without the hassle of makeup or sticky extension glue. With a certified technician, top of the line Borboleta products, and proper lash care, you can roll out of bed feeling fabulous!

Tip from an expert: Denise Randon, an educator at PB Cosmetology Education Centre and Borboleta Certified Lash Technician says the summer months are the most ideal time for lash extensions. “With the heat and humidity in the summer, I try to wear as little makeup as possible. I think lashes are a great way to look put together without having to actually wear makeup. Not to mention, they are perfect for the beach. No more streaky mascara! Long, curled lashes help make me look more awake, too!”

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How should I prepare for my first application?

Come to your appointment with a clean face. Remove all makeup prior to your lash application, focusing on the eye area. If you wear water-proof mascara, make sure it is 100% removed. Contact lenses should be removed 2 hours prior to the appointment to limit eye irritation.

What should I expect during my first lash extension appointment?

Your lash technician will adhere the extensions one by one. Each artificial lash is applied to one individual natural lash with precision.Be prepared to lay on your back for up to 2 hours. With that being said, Denise does not suggest lash extensions to expectant mothers. The fumes from the glue can be powerful, and laying on your back for two hours may not be easy or recommended.

6 Step to Fabulous Lashes:

  1. We will cleanse your lashes and eye area.
  2. Gel pads will be applied under your eyes.
  3. Be prepared to lay on your back with your eyes closed for up to 2 hours for a full set.
  4. Relax! Spa music will be playing as we apply your fabulous lashes.
  5. After the application, your technician will discuss proper after-care instructions with you.
  6. A final curing spray and sealant are applied to help bind lashes.
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How long should I wait before getting my lashes refilled?

It is recommended to get your lashes refilled every 2-3 weeks. As your natural lashes grow, the extensions will fall off. Your natural lashes replace themselves every 3-4 weeks. It is normal to have a few lash extensions fall out due to natural hair loss.

How do I properly care for my lashes between appointments?

To extend the life of your lash extensions and keep them looking full, our technicians recommend following a few rules.

  • Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours
  • Do not use mascara on your lash extensions
  • Do not pick or pull on your extensions
  • Brush lashes daily
  • Wash and rinse lashes daily with lash cleanser, using cleansing brushes
  • Avoid eye makeup and creams with oils (your technician can recommend alternatives to eyeliner during your appointment)
  • Try to sleep on your side or back. Use a silk pillowcase and/or a silk eye-mask to avoid squishing your lashes
  • Activities like swimming, hot yoga and intense exercise will affect your lash retention
  • Re-book refills within 2-3 weeks

Tip from an expert: Denise suggests swapping your regular eyelash curler for a hot curler. “These are less abrasive and aggressive on your lashes. A regular eyelash curler will end up ripping your extensions out.”

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The bottom line: With the proper care and tools, your lash extensions will look thick and full. Keeping up with your refills every 2-3 weeks will ensure a natural look. Remember to always be gentle with them! If you do not pick and pull at your extensions, they will not cause any damage to your eyes or natural lashes. Avoid anything that will break down the adhesive of the lash glue, such as oils and harsh chemicals


Ditch the mascara and plastic falsies this summer and book your Borboleta Lash Extension appointment at PB!

PB Cosmetology Education Centre will now be offering Borboleta Lash Extensions as a Salon Service. To accommodate the student’s schedule, appointments must be made between 10am-12pm due to the length of the appointment.

Interested in becoming a Certified Borboleta Lash Technician? Enroll in a Lash Extension Certification class at PB Cosmetology Education Centre. All classes are taught by Certified Educators. For upcoming dates, contact the Admissions Office at (856) 456-4927.