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Advice from Alumni – Become an Educator

Meet Julie Spruill!

Julie is a 2004 graduate from our Cosmetology Program and is currently living her dream as a Cosmetology Educator at Paul Mitchell The School – Tampa. She has always been passionate about the beauty industry, specifically education. Right after obtaining her cosmetology license, she began working as an educator for Super Cuts which sent her all over the country learning and teaching new techniques. After 16 years with Super Cuts, Julie moved to Tampa, Florida where she landed her dream job as a Cosmetology Educator at Paul Mitchell The School. Every day, Julie makes it a point to learn something new. After years in the industry, she still embraces her motto of “beginning every day as a beginner.”

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“What is your advice for future stylists?”

Julie: My key to success is to begin every day as a beginner and to know that it is okay to ask for help. Even as an educator, I am constantly learning from my students! I love when they find a picture that inspires them on Pinterest and we figure out how to approach and tackle it together. Being open to feedback and redirection is important; don’t be a “know-it-all.” Continue to learn and ask for help every day.

“What is your favorite memory from your time at PB Cosmetology Education Centre?”

Julie: The field trip we took as a class to The Ricki Lake Show was one of the most memorable trips during my time as a student. Viewing the taping of the show was such a fun thing to do!

“Which educator in school stood out to you the most?”

Julie: Mrs. O was an amazing educator and always the life of the party. I also fondly remember Karen, Mrs. O’s student teacher.

“What is your advice for building a book of returning clients?”

Julie: Always keep it professional with your clients. When you arrive at work, it is important to leave your personal life in the car. At Super Cuts, we were always encouraged to work by “The 360” rule. From the second your client walks in, until the second they leave the salon, it is crucial to keep it professional and focused on them. The consultation is your time to figure out what your client wants and needs. This will help you, as the stylist, from overpromising and under delivering. It is important to learn that you can’t always say yes to everything a client wants.

“What type of Continuing Education have you done since graduating from Cosmetology School?”

Julie: Super Cuts had a very strong educational foundation and provided their employees with on-going education. Three times a year we were required to attend seminars to keep us up to date on trends. The beauty industry is always changing and updating, so it is important to continue your education and stay on top of trends.”

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“What are your goals for the next 5 years?”

Julie: My short term goal is to get my Florida Barbering License to begin teaching barbers too. I would love to continue working at Paul Mitchell The School and eventually audition to become a platform artist at The Gathering. I was able to attend The Gathering in 2016 after winning a hair cutting competition through SuperCuts. This is ultimately what sparked my dream. I would also love to become a National Educator.

“Do you have any advice you’d like to share for those who want to be in your shoes one day?”

Julie: Never stop asking questions and learning from others. Ask for feedback from your peers and embrace a team mentality!

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