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6 Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

6 Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

Graduation is an exciting time. You should feel proud and prepared for the impending job search in the beauty industry. Your resume should be strong, your social media presence reflective of your hard and dedicated work, and you should feel confident with the training from your programs. Yet, this isn’t always the case. If there is a part of you that is anxious and unsure of how and where to apply, that is completely common. At PB Cosmetology Education Centre, we have your back and are ready to set you up for success and send you on your way in the beauty industry.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with our Job Placement Coordinator and discuss some tips and tricks for finding and landing the job that you’re looking for. What a lot of students don’t know is that even after graduation, it can take up to two years to earn your own chair. Understanding what to expect when starting out is very important, and preparing yourself for success is what we hope to achieve.

How do I know what job is right for me?

  • Location

One major thing to consider when looking for a job is location. You must decide how far you are willing to travel, which will either increase or decrease the options available to you. You will need to be realistic about your commute. Realize that the larger the radius used in your job search, the longer your commute will be. Don’t forget to factor in traffic and bad weather.

  • Where you are licensed

The state in which you hold your license is another deciding factor. With PB Cosmetology Education Centre being so close to Philadelphia, working in the city seems like a great opportunity. If this is something you want to strive for, you should consider the benefits of obtaining a license in Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey. If you already have your New Jersey license, you must register to take the Pennsylvania exam.

  • What you’re willing to do

The most important question to consider is what type of work you are willing to do. It is important to be realistic with what you will be doing right after graduation. It can take up to two years to acquire your own chair. Understanding what to expect in your first job is very important. It is normal to start out in a salon as a shampoo assistant. From there, you will move up to be an assistant on the salon foor. The duration of this process depends on where you work and how well you are performing, but be prepared to be in these positions for about two years.

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Tips for success in the industry:

  1. Appreciate every part of the process. Don’t look at being an assistant as a bad thing! Being an assistant allows you to learn from very successful people, master new techniques and gain time management skills
  2. Test out different positions to see which position works best for you. Your original goal to be a colorist may change after working in the industry and finding styling is more up your ally. Shadowing people with different positions is a great way to find out what you like.
  3. Start the process early. If you don’t like the idea of spending your first year after graduation shampooing, than start shampooing before graduation. After you reach 600 hours, your student permit allows you to work in a salon. Take advantage of this.
  4. Take as many continued education classes as you can. A strong resume comes with hard work. The more you know, the more likely you are going to obtain the job of your dreams (and make more money doing it).
  5. Keep your resume industry related. It isn’t necessary to include the life guard position you had two summers ago, or the babysitting job from high school. Highlight your knowledge from school and work and the opportunities related to what you want to do. Include any skills and proficiency’s you have, as well.
  6. Maintain a strong social media presence. Include your social media at the top of your resume so your employers can see your work. Begin building your online portfolio from the first day of classes to show your creativity and growth.
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PB Cosmetology Education Centre offers job placement for life. If ten years from now you want to switch routes, you can come back and make an appointment with our Job Placement Coordinator and she will map out some potential options. For more information on job placement, call the Admissions Office at (856) 456-4927.